Open Employment Data Standards

The Open Employment Data Standards (OEDS) were created to build a standard for anyone creating, storing, transmitting, or leveraging employment data. The Data Specification maintained by OEDS aims to foster a standard that grows long-term trust for the industry.

Acting as a switchboard, the Data Specification is a sanitized and agreed-upon organization of employment records. A careful effort has been taken to re-imagine how employee records should be structured so that everyone in the industry is presented with a gateway that works across all employment types and geographies.

The standards presented by OEDS are open to review and feedback. OEDS is an open-source initiative that any payroll processor, employer, business, or software startup can join and contribute to.

OEDS was pioneered by Argyle in an effort to streamline processes that we have identified as outmoded. OEDS was built without artifice or vanity, our agenda is strictly functional and exists solely as an effort to create a transparent environment for all participants, regardless of whether that means storing, transferring, or leveraging employment records. We invite you to join us.


Over 200 data fields and capabilities have been meticulously curated to create a common standard for everyone creating, storing, transmitting, using employment data.


Transparency of capabilities is paramount to a more equitable marketplace.The OEDS tracks adherence to standards and how marketplace participants are performing against them.